Battlefield 3 core gameplay designer "moving onto" unknown projects

Mirror's Edge 2 please Mirror's Edge 2 please Mirror's Edge 2 please

Battlefield 3's core gameplay designer Alan Kertz is leaving the Battlefield 3 team. To do what? We can only dream.

"Moving on from BF3, leaving the gameplay in the very capable hands of @gustavhalling and @stormonster," Kertz Tweeted yesterday. "I will still read and pass on OFC!"

"And no, I'm not leaving DICE," he added when fans bemoaned still-to-be-implemented Battlefield 3 fixes (for the record, DICE feels it has "pretty much nailed it" with Battlefield 3). "Just departing from the team that's still diligently working on BF3."

Light at the end of the tunnel for Mirror's Edge?

DICE was rumoured to be working on Battlefield 2143 at the backend of December, following the discovery of incriminating info on the Wake Island map in Back to Karkand. It's not exactly concrete evidence, mind, and for our money, Kertz and co would do better to focus on certain other, younger DICE IPs.

To rehearse the age-old call: is Mirror's Edge 2 too much to ask for? "Mirror's Edge is one of the best things to happen to FPS and DICE," Kertz Tweeted last year. "We learned so much from it... scary just thinking about it. Glad for it."

Actions speak louder than words, Kertz. Show your gratitude. EA's Frank Gibeau says the publisher is "actively looking" at ways to follow up Mirror's Edge, suggesting that it may run on Battlefield 3 technology.