Skyrim's biggest mystery, exploded on video

Is the bugs in jars mystery a wild Mammoth chase?

We've been getting pretty giddy about the whole "bugs in jar" thing. Not heard of the "bugs in jar" thing? It's Skyrim's most mysterious mystery, a mystery so mysterious I can't think about it without first positioning myself on a cupboard full of tinfoil hats.


Or it could be baloney. This appears to be the conclusion drawn by Youtube user Fragger, who published a video dedicated to the matter last week. Warning, true believers: this may leave your dignity a little bruised.

A quick recap: internet sages theorise that these bugs are in fact key to a Thamlor attempt to overthrow creation by destroying mystic towers and killing Talos. Read all about it in our feature on Skyrim's greatest mysteries.

Close Close

It's probably worth noting that Bethesda has Tweeted the video. Proof that there's more to these caged insects than meets the eye? On the other hand, the Tweet in question reads "Oliver Stone's Skyrim", so you probably shouldn't attach too much significance to it.

In possibly related news, we're still waiting for word on Skyrim DLC.