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Choplifter HD

Doesn't do much to lift our spirits

Backgrounds eh? Amazing. You could be watching Jim Davidson's physiologically harmful pantomime Boobs in the Wood and if the backgrounds were a sequence of striking, sublime vistas rather than crudely painted MDF it'd make it enjoyable, right? No, it'd still be just under two-hours of deeply unfunny, sub-Carry On lechery. It turns out, what's happening in the foreground matters.

While Choplifter HD has backgrounds that are varied and alive with incidental detail, in the foreground there's a simplistic and repetitive arcade game going on, which involves you ferrying people around from place to place. You know, like what the parents of teenagers complain about doing, only in a helicopter and while enduring a pebbledash of bullets and rocket propelled grenades.


It's entertaining at first, trying to work out the most fuel efficient route and learning out how much you can abuse the gas-gobbling Airwolf style boost. After the first hour, though, it settles into a plodding rhythm.

Respawning enemies don't help matters as you shoot the same soldier four times on your relay back and forth. It'd be fine if the combat was more entertaining, but even the ability to swivel and shoot out towards the screen, ironically, doesn't add any depth to the bullet spraying.

And finally there's the price. 1200MP is just too much of a stretch for something that can only be enjoyed in extremely measured doses. We're all for dolled up remakes of arcade classics, and those are some lovely backgrounds, but this one needs to be rescued from the limitations of its own design.

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