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Family Game Night 4: The Game Show

Assuming a family of two, with IQs to match

Welcome to five awful games. First, Yahtzee. A game that's had a meaningless and entirely cosmetic bowling game attached. Uncleverly, they've reduced Yahtzee to a single round, casually destroying the tension, tactics and shifting fortunes that make vanilla Yahtzee tolerable.

Boggle Flash is slightly better at first glance, with two players taking turns to make words out of five letters. It's a claustrophobic pool, though - Boggle should have 16 letters. Even worse, Player 1 has an almost insurmountable advantage, as they score first, and the game is won by the first person to beat 25 points. It's simply not fair.


Connect 4 Bastketball allows both players to play simultaneously, and potentially miss their slot. This is actually OK with two players - playing on your own, you can just flip four counters into the same column for an easy win. Incidentally, when did party games have a two-player maximum?

Bop It! Boptagon is a quick time event simulator, and Sorry! Sliders is essentially bowling - but with only two sliders each. Hey, Hasbro. Hey, EA. Ever wonder why bowlers get four balls each? It's because two isn't enough.

More than being a sub-Flash compilation of insulting video games, this casts doubt on whether Hasbro understand what makes its non-digital games good. Or perhaps it just thinks people who play video games are so stupid they'll gladly lap up any old crap. Whatever the reasons behind FGN4 - this is reprehensible.

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And it's rubbish with Kinect, too.

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