Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition outed - exclusive guns and mode

Gearbox rewards big spenders with exclusive modes, guns and docs

An Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition has shown up in the wild, packing exclusive multiplayer content, an artbook and the now-obligatory shiny statuette.

Gearbox Software and publisher Sega have yet to confirm the CE's existence, so file today's news under "Oops, butterfingers". The scoop is Gamekyo's - they've hauled in a detail shot of the edition's contents, which we've nicked and reposted to the right.

Plonk the dosh, and you'll get three new weapons for multiplayer - the Smart Gun, Flamethrower and an upgraded Pulse Rifle - plus a new mode, the USCM Academy Firing Range, which hopefully won't be the glorified training exercise it sounds like.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition in all its xenomorphic glory.

There's a dossier with schematics of the Sephora, the game's starship setting, "satellite photography" and some UNSC fabric patches, humanity's answer to hideous acid burns.

All we're missing is a price. And a deck of cards. Read our massive Aliens: Colonial Marines preview for more on the game itself. It'll be an "accessible" experience rather than the chin-stroking Brothers-in-Arms-in-space suggested by earlier screenshots.

The game launches later this year. Ta, VG247.

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