Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo hits Xbox Live next week

First taste of Square-Enix's Moogle-loving sequel

A Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo will hit Xbox Live on Wednesday 11th January, Square Enix has announced. Let's all celebrate by watching a video about some Moogles.

There's no word on what the demo contains, but you can expect full details in an upcoming blog post.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes place immediately after the events of Final Fantasy XIII, with previous leading lady Lightning warped to the divine realm of Valhalla. Her sister Serah and new character Noel meanwhile embark on a tour of history, using a magical McGuffin known as the Historia Crux to flip between eras and locations. Here's how the battle system has changed.


The game will feature an Assassin's Creed costume plus Xbox 360 exclusive weapon DLC. Producer Yoshinori Kitase reckons direct Final Fantasy sequels make for better Final Fantasy games - not long till we put that notion to the proof.

Anyway, enough talk. Those Moogles. Let's have at them.

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