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12 for 2012: getting high on Irrational's new Bioshock

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There's something worth poking at wherever you look. A cloud of pamphlets tossed from a second storey window, or a man trying to persuade a woman to jump to safety from a punctured airship. An ad for some sort of beauty treatment, or a rosebed, or an enormous stone angel supporting a balustrade straight out of Disneyland. NPCs loiter, trudge, converse and brawl, adapting to your presence much as Elizabeth does. Most impressively of all, Infinite appears to sustain the world's spontaneity while keeping you on a beaten path; it hits that coveted, impossible sweet spot between script and sandbox.

Any negatives?


Well, tales of warring political ideologies aren't all that new to Bioshock, and Elizabeth is a little too easy on the eyes for comfort. It's hard to reconcile her looks and chest with Levine's talk of emotional depth - but class that as a worry rather than a criticism for the moment.

Why no Bioshock Infinite multiplayer?

Hang on, we haven't told you there's no multiplayer yet. You're making a mockery of this Q&A! But yes, you're right, there isn't, and this is because Levine has better things to do than cram online components into proven single player formulas, even when marketing men tell him to.

And it's definitely down for release in 2012?

You've been reading our notes. This ravaging of the format shall not stand! But yes, 2012 is the year, and if you asked us to pick a month, we'd go with October. Now leave us in peace.

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