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80 MP now gets you three times the game on XBLIG

Microsoft raises file sizes, leaves prices steady

Good news, patrons of attic, basement and/or bus shelter development teams! Microsoft has raised the file size limit for Xbox Live Indie Games to 500 MB, increased the number of titles a developer can submit, and tweaked prices so smaller games have a chance of selling.

The maximum size for an 80 MP game has increased from 50 MB to 150 MB, which should boost impulse buying. Indie coders can now submit up to 20 titles, rather than eight.

Ancient Trader is a pick up and play arcade strategy title.

"We're continuing to watch our developer base and adapt the system to the needs of our creators," notes a post on the XNA Game Studio Team blog. "We hope you're all as excited as we are to kick off 2012 with these great updates to the App Hub to enable our developers to make even better content for Xbox LIVE Indie Games."

Why not celebrate by picking something from our list of the 50 best indie games?

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