Get OXM for less on Apple Newsstand

Get a sample for free, or the latest issue for £3.99

You asked, and we listened: the price of OXM on Apple Newsstand has now been cut. You can now get a single issue for £3.99, a whole two pounds less than the print version, and you get it direct to your iPad or iPhone on the day it goes on sale.

You can try it out for free - the app is a free download, and there's a gratis copy of issue 77 so you can see how it all works. If you like what you see, you can instantly buy a single issue or a subscription. If you feel like leaving us a nice review that'd be good too, it's mostly people complaining about the old price at the moment.


We've also added a year's worth of back issues to Newsstand, so if you want to pick up any recent classics like our guides to getting a job in games, getting a physique like Chris Redfield or when we wired up a lot of people to biometric readouts to see what games scared them the most you can get 'em there.

If you'd rather get the print version then you can get a few quid off that at the moment too, as part of our 23%-off Christmas sale. You can see that offer, plus a couple of alternatives, over on our subscription site.