Kojima's new game is open world, offers over 100 hours of gameplay

Project Ogre to branch out from Metal Gear

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has drip-fed the internet a little more on his mysterious Project Ogre, rumoured by some to be Metal Gear Solid 5.

Where Metal Gear Solid and its ilk trod a linear path, the new game will be an open world affair. You'll be able to play it for 100 hours without getting bored. Sounds promising.

"The kind of game I'm making is some game that has a very wide entrance, a very open entrance," Kojima told CNN in a phone interview. "Rather than making something very cinematic, [I plan to] make something very free."

A screenshot of the first FOX engine game

According to the site's write-up, Kojima went onto "[describe it as being set in a very open world where players can wander around and explore freely. Players should still be able to find new sights and worthwhile adventures after having played the game for as many as 100 hours, he said."

Kojima Tweeted a couple of images created using Kojima Productions' multiplatform FOX engine earlier in the month. One is from an unannounced game, and depicts a soldier running past a tank in a sandy Middle Eastern setting. The other shows nurse underwear.

Kojima's initial pitch for Metal Gear Solid 5 took the series back to World War 2, with Metal Gear Solid 3 antagonist The Boss as leading lady.