Head-on crash: how Bugbear's Unbounded became Ridge Racer

Senior producer Joonas Laakso talks turning a sim into an arcade game... and vice versa

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I guess in our case it's really simple because the technology is ours - the physics going on in the background, we couldn't take that away even if we wanted to. I think this is as far as we can go in an arcade direction and still be a Bugbear game without rewriting the engine. It thinks it's a car simulator - we've streamlined things so much for the player that it feels like an arcade racer, but it has a more physical feel, and maybe in that sense it's easier for players because they understand how the physical world works.

How many copies do you need to sell for this to be a success?

I don't know what our target numbers are, but for myself I'd like it to sell over a million units.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded launches in Europe on 6th March and North America on 2nd March.

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