Battlefield 2143 hint spotted in Battlefield 3's Wake Island

Screenshots point to impending reveal

Got your salt shaker? Aim it dead-centre of your screen and blast away. A sequel to futuristic team shooter Battlefield 2142 may be on the cards.

The revelation comes care of Battlefield 3's recently released Back to Karkand DLC pack. On the remodelled Wake Island map, a crate. On its side, the number "2143". Tenuous? You bet. Cause for frenzied excitement? Very possibly.

Crates can be devious little buggers, as Old Man Murray well knew.

Find a picture of this suggestive item of map furniture to the right, care of BF3blog. If you're after a precedent, the site notes that DICE hid Battlefield 2142 teasers in the Battlefield 2: Euro Forces and Armoured Fury map packs.

DICE released Battlefield 1943 - a stripped-down, single map, online-only Battlefield 1942 - on Xbox Live Arcade in 2009. Will Battlefield 2143 similarly remaster and chop down Battlefield 2142 for Xbox 360?

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