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Jumper: Griffin's Story

Why this abomination will be jumping straight back to the shop.

It's a messed up sign of the time when co-workers stare enviously at my copy of Jumper. I strongly suggest you forget about rinsing Jumper for an easy 1,000 GamerScore and do anything but waste two hours of your life on this garbage.

Even calling it a movie tie-in is a bit of a stretch. I went to see the film and at no point did I see a hideously deformed monkey-man version of Jamie Bell hobbling around the screen. Neither did I see the camera getting permanently stuck in the walls or hear immortal one liners like "You guys are toast, and I eat toast for breakfast". In fact, the only significant thing the two have in common is that Griffin has the power to teleport around the screen.


The game plays a little like the Nightcrawler sections in X-Men III, although the combat system is slightly more complex. Each enemy has 'weak spots' to either the front, back, left or right and these are indicated by green compass points at their feet. The four directions correspond to the face buttons, meaning you simply have to tap the right one to break their guard. It's not a bad idea, but something that doesn't evolve past the training level and soon becomes ridiculously easy. I completed the game without losing a life on my first play through. The only exception to the rule is when the camera (which has a mind of its own) rotates so that you can't see which direction you're meant to be attacking.

It's so shambolic that the camera actually gets stuck in the scenery and you have to wiggle the sticks to free it up. This pales in comparison to the frame-rate though which must run at about 10 FPS on occasions, despite the game having sub-XBLA quality graphics.

All these terrible flaws are compounded by a lifespan that challenges Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not even the excuse of it being a 'kids' game' holds water, because noone is happy paying £30 for a game that lasts two hours. Jumper is so broken, it'a nothing short of shocking. Whoever passed this game through quality control should hang their heads in shame.

The verdict

Makes you want to jump off a cliff

  • Combat system slightly original
  • Hideous sub-PS2 graphics
  • Takes two hours to complete
  • Broken camera
  • Bad voiceovers and cinematics
Xbox 360
Red Tribe
Warner Bros.
Action, Beat 'em Up