Skyrim video: this is why dragons shouldn't touch alcohol

Bethesda bug has amusing consequences

Dragons are supposedly among Tamriel's most intelligent creatures, masters and mistresses of a language so profound it can alter reality itself, syllables manifest as gouts of elemental energy.

These strange alien intellects are beyond mortal ken, their words and deeds incomprehensible, defying expectation. Far be it for us to call them arbitrary or irrational. Far be it for us to insist they're just massive, stupid, overrated lizards.

A dragon did this at Log the other day.

Far be it for us to wonder whether the one in the video below has been hitting the vodka.

Yep, it's another Skyrim backwards-dragon glitch video - but we think it eclipses all those that have come before. Bethesda's recently released 1.3 update addresses a number of dragon animation problems. Looks like they missed a few.

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