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Anarchy Reigns release date pushed back to July 2012

Might actually have a chance of selling now

Bad news, Sexy Fist of Fire fans. Sega has delayed Platinum Games brawler Anarchy Reigns till July 2012.

The game was originally down to ship late this year, but was then bumped to January, also known as the month in which nobody buys games. It's now out on 3rd July in North America, 5th July in Australia and 6th July in Europe.

As massive Platinum enthusiasts, we're equal parts sad and happy. Sad because we can't wait to get our hands on the game, which pits a selection of fabulously bizarre fighters against one another in Powerstone-ish multiplayer battles. And happy because the new release window will give it a better shot at turning a profit.


Platinum's been in the news a lot lately, having partnered with Kojima Productions to develop Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Do you think the Anarchy Reigns delay has anything to do with work on the Raiden spin-off, also slated for release next year?

Here's our last Anarchy Reigns preview.

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