Dead Rising 3 doing a GTA: San Andreas? - rumour

New Dead Rising set in California, deals with illegal immigration according to reports

Dead Rising 3 is set in California, stars an auto-mechanic named Rick, and features a motorbike with a steam roller on the front, according to a new report.

Siliconera's story contradicts yesterday's story that the unannounced game would star original Dead Rising protagonist Frank West. (Though we suppose West could yet appear as a supporting character.) The site has a picture of Rick, who looks a little like Christopher Lambert with Bruce Lee's hair.

Is this Dead Rising 3's leading man?

The game takes place in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, which is locked down and under martial law following a zombie outbreak. Rick's objective is to repair a plane and escape the city before a bomb goes off. Plane parts are the new Zombrex, in short.

Dead Rising 3 will supposedly tackle the question of illegal immigration (presumably from Mexico to the US). There's a group of underground "illegals", infected people who aren't registered with the government, led by a character named Red. Red's girlfriend Annie is a runaway who's sympathetic to the infected.

The Psychos are back, and one of them is a biker gang member who drives the aforesaid bike with a steam roller on the front, otherwise known as the "Roller Hog".

Dead Rising's own-branded Umbrella corporation Phenotrans is apparently behind the Los Perdidos outbreak. Dead Rising 2: Case West antagonist Marian Mallon makes a return, along with a new character named General Hemlock. He kidnaps people. Important people. We reckon one of them's the President.

What do you make of it all?