New Max Payne 3 screenshots dual-wield pistols and Uzis

Rockstar shoots to kill

Rockstar has let fly a new salvo of Max Payne 3 screenshots, confirming the return of dual wielding and, in case you missed it, guns.

Have a look. Those are some big, shiny surrogate male genitalia, all right. Somehow we can't quite tear our eyes away.

Log previewed Max Payne 3 in October and somehow wound up calling it a videogame version of Breaking Bad. "God, I want this to be that. And until someone tells me otherwise, that's what I'm going to convince myself this is." OK mate. Get down off the table please.

Preorder Max Payne 3 from Gamestop and you'll get a downloadable multiplayer map early.


Are you looking forward to this?

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