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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

No, Mr Bond - we expect you to die

Unable to remake the first GoldenEye game for legal reasons, Activision's latest Bond game is a 're-imagining' of the 1995 film, with new locations, modern technology and sneaky Daniel Craig swap-in job.

While the HD added to last year's Wii game adds a modern touch, the original's limitations have held the developers back. Great art direction and character design go a long way, but can't smooth cracks caused by dodgy textures and stupid AI enemies.

Nostalgia helps. It feels like a 1990s-style shooter, but it's hard to deny the appeal of dashing through corridors gunning down identikit Russians, and while the antique-feeling tech isn't ideal the modern influences really stir our martini. Alas, it takes more ideas from Call of Duty than Bond can fit in his tux, and much of the game's character is lost in a sea of night-goggle nonsense and constant explosions.


Online is where you'll notice the Modern Warfare inspirations most, from its teetering pile of unlocks - including Golden Guns, rocket launchers and a Bond version of Last Man Standing - to its dedicated co-op mode, where you fight off waves of enemies and engage in a bit of stealthy infiltration.

The game handles quite a lot like Call of Duty, too - it's built for fast-paced, close quarters combat, with no saggy body physics. The maps are on the compact side and strike an acceptable balance between challenge and simplicity.

Four player local multiplayer is probably the biggest draw. The frame rate lumbers a bit when there are four agents plugging away at one another, but the sight of properly fleshed-out offline multiplayer in action on Xbox 360 brings tears to our eyes. Especially when we're not allowed to play Oddjob.

Eurocom's recycled but robust offering might have been worth it if Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 weren't stealing the limelight this Christmas. Golden Eye Reloaded is fun, but fails to square up to the FPS big boys.

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