EA: even FIFA Street will outsell PES

FIFA side-project aims to score big in 2012

PES's sales decline has been steep throughout the past few years, but none of us were expecting to see such a massive difference between this year's sales figures. Storming away with an astounding 25 times more sales than PES 2012, it's safe to say that FIFA 12 is the hands-down winner of this year's competition.

And that's despite a general consensus that Konami has stepped up its game this year, as we pointed out in our PES 2012 review. Speaking to FIFA Street's Line manager Sid Misra, it seems like FIFA's ambition doesn't end there. When directly asked in our recent OXM Report whether he thought upcoming spinoff FIFA Street would be also be able to sell more copies than Pro Evolution Soccer, Misra seemed confident: "I think that's an attainable target," he told us. "I'll put my stake in the ground there."


Time will tell whether or not PES will be able to bring its fortunes back in 2012, but we're exciting to see the FIFA Street team unafraid to show ambition for their upcoming game. You can find the full interview below.

Do you think 2012's FIFA side-project could beat Konami's main contender too, or have EA Sports got too carried away with their FIFA 12 success?

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