Soul Calibur meets Bayonetta in utterly fabulous collaboration

Namco's brawler gets a splash of PlatinumGames

Namco has released a brace of new Soul Calibur 5 screenshots, showing off new character skins and artworks created by Bayonetta character designer Mari Shimazaki. They're... astonishing. For the first time in her life, Ivy looks over-dressed.

The costumes fall within the familiar Soul Calibur "display female anatomy to absurd advantage" remit, but they're a grown-up kind of provocative, closer to Arkham City's Harley Quinn than the bondage bikinis and armoured skirts of the standard wardrobe.

Take a look. We have our doubts about how much Soul Calibur 5 differs from Soul Calibur 4, but you can't argue with furry collars.