Batman: Arkham City Robin DLC now available on Xbox 360

Boy Wonder sneaks onto Xbox Live Marketplace

Batman: Arkham City's Robin DLC pack is now available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace.

The expansion contains Robin himself, two alternate character skins and two new Challenge Mode maps. Where Batman makes do with his fists and feet, the Boy Wonder wields a staff and unique gizmos.

The file is 128.23 MB in size. If you've yet to try out Rocksteady's latest, our Batman: Arkham City review wants a word with you.

Robin doesn't look as cherubic in Arkham City.

The next Arkham City character add-on is the Nightwing DLC pack, which contains two new Challenge maps - Wayne Manor and Main Hall - and another stick-wielding sidekick. Nightwing gets two. Hmm, upgrades.

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