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Rage demo hits Xbox Live, includes Wellspring and Ghost Clan

Another chance to sample id Software's stonking Mad Max FPS

Bethesda has released a single player demo for id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter Rage on Xbox Live. It's a timed Xbox 360 exclusive. Good work, chaps.

The demo takes place in the Wellspring area, a peaceable town under threat from murderous Ghost Clan fanatics. Said fanatics have infiltrated the labyrinths beneath the town, and intend to poison the water supply. Your job is to drive them off, using harsh language and also guns.

In Wellspring itself, you can also chat with townspeople, try your hand at some mini-games and go buggy racing on the Speedway. Download the demo here.

Who you gonna call?

Our Rage review went with an 8/10, praising the game's technology, enemy variety and gunplay but setting aside a little vinegar for the rubbish ending. It's one of the best action games you'll play this year, and a great antidote to Modern Warfare's ubiquity.

Are you a proud owner? Was it worth the purchase? Here's what Rage did, that Log wishes more shooters would do.