New Max Payne 3 trailer puts Xbox 360's power to the test

Slow-mo gunmen don't fall out of the sky, you know. Oh wait, they do

Rockstar has released the first in a new Max Payne 3 video documentary series, exploring several aspects of the game's technology and design - all of it against a backdrop of never-before-seen in-game footage.

The new Max Payne combines the precision of a first-person shooter with the intense physical feedback of a third-person game. Max can skid along the floor, dive through windows, crash backwards at the behest of an exploding oil tank... and still pick out a headshot at a hundred metres.

The game uses a combination of Natural Motion physics systems and Rockstar's own Advanced Game Engine, crunching thousands of separate animations and procedural physics calculations to create character models that move and respond like the real dealio.


Every bullet is modelled in real time. There's a killcam feature to capture especially stylish carnage, with the precise angle and direction depending on what you're using to shoot who where.

Check our news updates for details of Max Payne 3 multiplayer and the new campaign. The release date is March 2012.

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