New Skyrim trailer explores the world of Elder Scrolls 5

Tour Skyrim, meet its fascinating peoples, and make off with their property

Bethesda has released a new Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim trailer, showcasing the game's vast and hauntingly well-realised world. We managed to miss this last night. Must have been all the Modern Warfare in our ears.

Several of Skyrim's cities appear, including Morkath Side, Riften and Whiterun. There are also snippets of dialogue to illustrate the voice-acting range, which should sound pleasantly reassuring to those who read yesterday's feature Skyrim: my eight greatest fears.

Notice anything unusual in that footage? You may wish to reference our Skyrim first look and Skyrim hands-on preview series.

Skyrim's capital city, Solitude.

Skyrim is out at the end of the week - 11th November.

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