Play Halo Anniversary in Birmingham, win an Xbox 360 and eat Halo pizzas

Microsoft throws open public Halo sessions on 4th and 10th November

Are you within hysterical sprinting distance of Gamestation in Birmingham (B2 4NS)? Well get over there sharpish - Microsoft's giving away Halo pizzas! As part of a public Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hands-on, that is.

The celebratory Halo event kicks off this evening, and there's more up for grabs than discs of Master-Chief-branded dough with cheese on them. Play your cards (and Needlers) right and you might walk away with a Halo: Reach limited edition Xbox 360 console, a Kinect sensor, a copy of Halo Anniversary, an Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headset, one year's Xbox Live Gold subscription and 10,000 Microsoft Points.


The marginally less skilled will have to make do with Halo T-shirts and Halo Universe remote-controlled cars from Zappies Limited. When a remote-controlled car is the runner-up prize, you know the going's good. As a youth on the mean streets of West Yorkshire, I used to dream of days like this.

Enough about inedible merchandise. What of these pizzas, you ask? EXPLAIN THE PIZZAS, DAMN YOU. They're the work of Pizza Hut, and if you order one between 7th November and 19th December, you'll get a two day Xbox Live Gold membership for free.

There's another massive Halo Anniversary event at GAME in Kingston Upon Thames (KT1 1TP) on Saturday 12th November, running from 7:00 to 10:30pm. Expect the goodies to be just as lavish.

A reboot of the original Combat Evolved featuring new multiplayer modes, Kinect features and a massively prettied-up graphics engine, Halo Anniversary releases on 15th November. We think it's the best argument for a next-gen Xbox yet.

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