Infinity Ward on MW3's "No Russian" equivalent: mainstream viewers will "pass right over it"

"A lot of media outlets play things up," says MW3 producer

Modern Warfare 3's equivalent of Modern Warfare 2's infamous "No Russian" sequence leaked to Youtube earlier today. Rather handy, that, as we'd just finished transcribing an interview in which the game's executive producer at Infinity Ward discusses managing such inflammatory material.

Rubin feels mainstream media reaction to "No Russian" and equivalent scenes is drastically out of tune with how much viewers actually care. "Yeah, we get a lot of that and it's tough, but for the most part what happens is a lot of media outlets play it up, and it goes on some Friday afternoon, Friday night news thing, and they talk about how horrible it is that they're killing people in the middle of our subway, but it's the cricket after that, and no-one cares.

Bye bye, Paris.

"The media a lot of times plays on it because they hope to get something out of it, rile somebody up to start a conversation about it, but everybody kind of stares at them just going: 'Next...oh, that's an interesting story.' And they pass right over it."

Though confident that 'popular uproar' will be very much of the flash-in-the-pan variety, Infinity Ward and co-developer Sledgehammer Games have been careful to distance in-game recreations of certain landmarks from the reality. As you'll know from MW3 trailers, the game spans England, France, Germany and the USA. London's Westminster (glimpsed in the leaked video) was painstakingly tweaked. "The station itself had to get changed up. There are some similarities but there are some distinct key features about certain art designs that we had to stay away from.

"The patterns on the tiles to the wall layout had to be changed, because of all the trouble in that area, and of course the Underground sign had to be changed completely."

One of the most iconic locales in the game posed the fewest legal problems, however. "Because the Eiffel Tower is a government owned thing we can do whatever we want with it. It's the things that are privately owned that we have trouble. So government-owned stuff... do your heart's content."

Modern Warfare 3 made the cover of Time Magazine earlier in the year. Wonder if a second appearance is due?

Read more from Rubin in issue 79. You can order a copy online, download it from iTunes or (if you're using Android) from Zinio, or set up a subscription.