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Next Alan Wake confirmed, details coming in December

Befuddled novelist to return

Alan Wake's return will be announced at the Spike VGAs in December, it has been revealed, in an "all-new adventure". Maybe that means there'll be a proper ending this time.

The news comes care of the Spike VGA website, which has started hyping up the award ceremony that will take place on 10th December. The event is increasingly used to debut the biggest games of the year ahead, and always causes considerable annoyance because a) they aren't viewable unless you're in the US and b) the US-based games companies don't bother to make their content available anywhere else. Games that were thus debuted to most of the planet via grainy YouTube rips include Batman: Arkham City, Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3.


This year we get Alan Wake's latest. What form it will take is uncertain - the fact it's described as an "all-new adventure" suggests that it won't be a straight sequel, and is more likely to be Alan Wake XBLA as previously rumoured by XBLAfans. There's certainly plenty of room for development, given the first game's bizarre finale. Be sure to check out our article if you'd like the original Alan Wake ending explained.

Remedy has made no secret of its desire to make a new Alan Wake, but the lacklustre sales of the first game made it far from certain. There was an early promise when a listing for "Alan Wake 2" popped up on a designer's CV this year.