Rainbow 6 Patriots announced for Xbox 360 - logo and packshot

"Bold new direction", out in 2013

Ubisoft has unveiled Rainbow 6 Patriots, a new tactical shooter for Xbox 360 from the Tom Clancy universe. It features single player, co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, and is down for release in 2013. You'll find a world-exclusive first look in the Christmas issue of Official Xbox Magazine, available 30th November.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal with help from Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Red Storm, Rainbow 6 Patriots marks a "bold new direction" for the much-loved series. The publisher has fired over a draft packshot and the game's logo.

The campaign "captures the reality of modern-day terrorism and allows players to experience it from multiple characters' perspectives". It pits you against a "revolutionary group" known as the True Patriots, who claim the American government is irrevocably corrupted by greedy politicians and corporate special interests. They'll "do whatever it takes to reclaim their country."


Your job, naturally, is to inconvenience them using bullets and explosives. Expect "tough ethical decisions" along the way. Sounds like the new Rainbow 6 has learned a lesson or two from Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

"Terrorism has evolved, and so has Rainbow 6. In Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots, all the team play, tactics, and realism that fans of the series love have been coupled with an exciting new narrative direction," said David Sears, the game's creative director. "This adds an unprecedented level of humanity that will make Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots an extremely tense and immersive experience."

Besides single player, you'll get "a huge variety of new innovative co-op and multi-player experiences" in which you'll be "rewarded for working as a team and mastering the game's new features that enhance communication and tactical execution between teammates." Victory will fall to those who strike a balance between "split-second decision making" and proper planning.

Again, you'll find more on Patriots in issue 80, out 30th November. Hit up the Rainbow 6 Patriots Facebook page for more, or check the official site.