Guess GTA 5's setting - win a Grand Theft Auto dartboard

Where and when will Rockstar's new GTA take place? Six hours, 20 minutes and counting...

Grand Theft Auto 5's first trailer lands in just over six hours. Last chance to get a bit of speculation in before the new GTA finally stands revealed. All speculated out? Allow us to motivate you with this rather tasty GTA4-themed dartboard.

Like other dartboards, this one is divided into 20 radial sections, has two rings and a bullseye. Unlike other dartboards, it has a big Rockstar logo in the centre. For all you Jack Thompsonites keeping track, this makes it 52 per cent to abduct your neighbourhood prostitutes and use them as bazooka ammo. Here's a picture of me holding it. Excuse the broken caption text - our site's a little "over-excited" right now, due to all the GTAness.

Ghost's face must be shielded against reality's harshness. Shielded with Grand Theft Auto.

Want it? YOU CAN'T HAVE IT. Unless you guess where and when the new game is set. When the trailer drops, we'll mail the board out to the nearest miss. In the event of a tie-break, he or she who guessed first shall nab the goods.

Scroll down for Rockstar's embeddable trailer widget. In just six hours 20 minutes at the time of writing, that tormentingly opaque box will blossom into... what? Over to you. Here's a list of GTA5 predictions and a list of internet GTA5 rumours to get everybody's brain-motors running.

UPDATE: Looks like San Andreas (The GTA version of Los Angeles) clinched it. Congratulations, Bezza. Your dartboard will be with you as soon as we can find an appropriately sized box.