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Kinect Sports: Season 2

Rare's latest has more than a sporting chance of success

The highest praise you can pay Kinect Sports 2 is that it just works. The sports are more complex this time around, there's more possibility for subtle finesse - at times it's keeping track of what your fingers are doing let alone your limbs - and yet it never skips a beat. This leaves you to enjoy another brilliant and hilarious selection of full-body sports events.

As before the brightly coloured visuals belie a hugely sophisticated series of games. Golf in particular is enormously precise, allowing for some extremely tense multiplayer games. It's a similar story with skiing - the combination of delicate leans and the option to tuck, sacrificing control for speed, means races can be won by tenths of a second. That precision is even more crucial in darts, where the game actually adds artificial sway to the target reticule because otherwise you'd be nailing treble twenties every time.


In fact, the only sport that seems arbitrarily straightforward is American Football. It's actually the opposite of Brits not understanding the subtleties - the sport has been simplified to the point where it can be mastered too quickly. A bit of a shame, but something we can easily overlook given its diminished fanbase on this side of the Atlantic.

Being a good sport Kinect Sports games are always better enjoyed with real competition and that's why the stronger online multiplayer offering this year is so important. Xbox Live play is brilliant, allowing you to muck about with the Avateering to psyche out your opponent.

There's also an extremely straightforward challenge system that allows you to ping scores back and forth even if your mates aren't online at the time. For a renewed sense of wonder about Kinect, simply play this game. In exactly the same fashion as last year, Rare is at the cutting edge of what the device is capable of and as a result Kinect Sports Season 2 is, yet again, an essential sports game.

The verdict

On top of the podium wearing the gold

  • Technologically brilliant
  • Great selection of sports
  • Hilarious Avateering
  • Brilliant Live features
  • American Football is weak