New Xbox Live dashboard coming next week - report

Windows Phone integration demoed with Kinectimals

Microsoft's new Xbox Live dashboard will ship next week, according to tech site Win Rumors, which has also published a video showing off the revamped interface's Windows Phone integration and Kinect features.

Win Rumors caught sight of dashboard version "Belfiore" at the Nokia World event on Wednesday, which the site claims is the final version. Users will be able to search and browse media on their Xbox 360s remotely using a Windows Phone.

A Kinectimals app was also demoed. After crafting and accessorising your pet on your phone, you'll be able to generate a QR code (those pixellated box things in the corner of tube adverts) and transfer the animal to the Xbox 360 game simply by holding the screen up to the Kinect scanner.

The new Xbox 360 dashboard in the flesh. Scrumptious.

A leaked internal Paypal email pegged the new dashboard for a 15th November launch. Microsoft launched a public beta in September.

Alongside new Kinect functions, the redesigned dash offers more Facebook integration and the promised Cloud data storage functionality, hotly anticipated wherever Xbox 360 owners with broken hard drives cluster together.

The manufacturer has signed up the BBC, Channel 5 and Channel 4 among other TV and film providers to stock Xbox Live's pockets.

[Source: WinRumors]