Battlefield 3 review: Why we're delaying ours

And when you should expect it

As you read these words, reviews of Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 will be popping up like small, angry mushroom clouds across the globe.

UPDATE: The review is now live!

ORIGINAL STORY: PC code went out last week, while console copies hit reviewer doormats on Monday. Our own reviewer, Ed, spent most of yesterday and last night beavering away at the game, landing helicopters upside down in trees and gouging QTE prompts like they're trying to devour his unborn children. If the dilated pupils are any indication, he's enjoying himself. You never know with Ed.


But he's not quite ready to hand out a score. Or use complete sentences, for that matter. Battlefield 3 is an odd one, a strange mix of the compelling and the not-so-compelling, and while we've seen every side of the new shooter - campaign, multiplayer and co-op - we need more time to think about the whole.

Fortunately, DICE's latest doesn't hit UK stores till Friday, 28th October. Expect our Battlefield 3 review, then, in the next couple of days.

Here's a round-up of preview and gameplay feature coverage to hold you over till then. For starters, our self-styled "ultimate" single player preview. Secondly, our latest hands-on - one single player mission, one co-op mission, many corpses. Thirdly, our thoughts on the Battlefield 3 beta. And finally, an interview with DICE boss Karl Magnus Troedsson covering where Bad Company went wrong and how DICE intends to grow its audience.

For more, check out our crammed Battlefield 3 hub page. And feel free to suggest what Ed should focus on in his review. Here are some new multiplayer screenshots to play us out.