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Friday poll: What score would you give Rage?

Have the reviewers got it wrong?

Rage is a funny one. It's got the look of a cutting edge shooter, but in many respects the design harkens back to the '90s.

The world is detailed, but also mostly non-interactive. The real-time physics system is somewhat goofily implemented, as anybody who's ever rammed a trike into a bollard will know. The post-apocalyptic vibe screams "Fallout"... but the role-playing subsystems quietly murmur "Bioshock".

Even discounting the game's negligible but niggling technical troubles, its relatively short length (relative, that is, to the number of discs it fills) and the disappointing ending, id Software's latest is an acquired taste. Too much of an acquired taste for Bethesda, if rumour be true. Earlier this morning Kotaku uploaded a report claiming that the publisher had cancelled Doom 4 in response to Rage's technical troubles and review scores.

You can't fault Rage's enemy variety.

UPDATE: Bethesda has poured cold water on Kotaku's story in a statement to OXM. "Games are done when they are done and no title under development at id has been postponed - indefinitely or otherwise." Looks like we can wash our hands of that one, then.

We've noticed a fair bit of back and forth on the forum and our Rage review comments thread. The game's struck a chord with you lot, clearly. Time to give that muddle of discordant notes a grounding beat, via the time-honoured medium of tick-boxes...

What number would you have slapped on the end of our review? Go right ahead and comment in support of your choice.