Batman: Arkham City trailer pits game against reality

"You're like Two-Face and both sides of your face are ugly."

Warner and Rocksteady's latest Arkham City video is a sight to behold, especially if you're fond of films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and The Hangover. It's nice when people have a sense of humour about the games they make, isn't it?

We won't say more - go watch. We will, however, reiterate the point about buying Arkham City post-haste, forth-with, as eloquently made by Mike in his review on Friday. It's not quite a landmark on the scale of Batman: Arkham Asylum, but it's definitely the second best comicbook videogame ever coded.

The game hits UK stores on 21st October. Skip over here for seven minutes of direct feed gameplay footage.

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