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Batman: Arkham City: Seven minutes of gameplay video

Hand-cut footage of Arkham City in action to accompany our review

Batman: Arkham City's out next week, and you, quite naturally, are buying it. If OXM's glowing review of the Rocksteady comicbook colossus isn't incentive enough, the seven minutes of gameplay footage we've captured below should do the trick.

The video has been edited to avoid major spoilers, but needless to say, if you like your Batman super-fresh, give it a miss. The action picks up right shortly after the introduction. Batman has just saved Catwoman from an acid bath, and is intent on finding sickly adversary the Joker.

A bad time to get a wedgie.

The full low-down on Arkham City for those who skipped our preview coverage: it takes place in a quarantined Gotham City district, full to the brim with supervillains and their minions. Arkham Asylum warden Quincey Sharpe has put the sinister Hugo Strange in charge of the place; besides his forces and those of the Joker and Two-Face, you'll encounter the Penguin, Calendar Man, the Riddler, Killer Croc and Mr Freeze, to cherry-pick a few names from the game's mammoth list of comicbook cameos.

Batman has new moves and gadgets, including the ability to glide and a neat taser shotgun. Catwoman features as a playable campaign character, with Robin and Nightwing available as downloadable characters for the game's Challenge Mode.

Have a look at the footage. Your eyes will squeal with delight. And if you're not buying this, do let us know why so we have something to tell the police after we murder you. Batman: Arkham City hits stores on 21st October.

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