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Syndicate gameplay: 11 minutes with Deus Ex's worst nightmare

EA and Starbreeze release video walkthrough of Syndicate reboot

Still unconvinced about Starbreeze and EA's new Syndicate? This whopping new gameplay video - featuring commentary from executive producer Jeff Gamon - should set you right.

The vid shows the first part of a single player mission, with player character Miles Kilo and a fellow Eurocom agent breaking into the headquarters of the Aspari syndicate. The objective: a computer chip buried in the brain of a rival agent. Yep, this is going to be messy.

On-the-fly hacking is shown, Kilo using his own Dart 6 chip to dismantle drone shields, convert turrets to his cause and telepathically induce bouts of civil war among his enemies. Also in evidence: some sexy guns, with fronds of HUD data sprouting from stocks and breeches, the Dart 6's Overload mode, which sharpens your abilities and allows you to see through walls, and a few first-person cutscenes.


We'll say it again: this probably isn't the reboot fans of the original series are waiting for, but it's one hell of a good-looking shooter. Speaking to OXM in an exclusive interview over the summer, Starbreeze offered a defence of the decision to switch genres, well worth reading.

Syndicate hits Xbox 360 next year. Check out our first look preview. There's another preview in issue 78 of OXM, out now.

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