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Seven things we want in Red Dead Redemption 2

Cowboys, horses, and guns don't count

Rockstar hasn't gotten around to announcing a Red Dead sequel, but since when have a lack of announcements been enough to hold off endless dreaming and speculation? We might not have a release date, trailer or gameplay info for Red Dead 2 yet, but one thing's certain: games that sell over five million copies tend to get sequels.

What do you want to see in Red Dead Redemption 2?

We don't know when, but it's certainly happening - and here are the six things we'd most like to see in Rockstar's next blockbuster horse-chasing simulator.

Slipping on RDR's iconic bandana for a bit of I'm-going-to-be-evil-for-a-bit fun was probably one of the game's most entertaining diversions. Sure, John Marston might not be the kind of cat who'd simply wander into a saloon and start flipping sticks of dynamite at strangers - but that bloke who looks a bit like Marston but wears a bandana? He's totally up for that kind of action. If Rockstar could include a couple of side-missions that pander to our occasionally evil-streak, we'd be seriously happy bunnies.


Wow, beautiful. Let's drive a car off it.

Look, we love horses and all that - but seriously, can we have a little nip around in one of those old fashioned cars? Having to sit back and just be a passenger in the final bits of Redemption felt like absolute torture - especially when we could see all of those buffalo in the distance just dying to be run over with a lovely vintage vehicle. We don't care if it handles badly and falls apart at the first sign of trouble, Rockstar: just let us drive off a cliff into a waterfall

We reckon there's probably something wrong with us every time we have to say it out loud, but we're still adamant that RDR's most enjoyable moments all seemed to revolve around killing animals. Rather than simply escalating things to the point at which we have to murder a family of bears with a rusty penknife, we'd love to see this aspect of the game fleshed out to be a bit more interesting. Instead of just cashing in loot at a nearby vendor, it would be awesome to see it used to complete side-quests in the world: For example, maybe you could collect warm pelts to help a nearby settlement survive the incoming winter.


Please don't force us to be nasty in Red Dead 2...

Alright, so we understand what Mexico was all about: give us a sense of having lost our way and sense of purpose, and the finale's return to fast-paced focus will seem even more emotional and exciting. By the same merit - we completely understand that without forcing us to do all that bad stuff for the Mexican Army, killing the buggers in charge wouldn't have been such a gloriously satisfying moment. The problem is, the pay-off for this decision doesn't really come until much later in the game - by which point we imagine a lot of people will have wandered off and put the game back on the shelf. We'd like to see the next game giving us a little more choice in who we choose to forge allegiances with - particularly if it seems like the people we're hopping into bed with spend most of their time setting fire to women and children. If you really need to keep things super-linear, at least make us feel like we're somehow being forced to do all these terrible things to innocent people, rather than just going along with it because it seems like it might be vaguely beneficial.

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