Battlefield 3 trailer gives destruction engine a workout

DICE and EA wreak havoc on defenceless inanimate objects

DICE has released a new Battlefield 3 gameplay video, showcasing the extent of the destruction possible in-game thanks to the Frostbite 2 Engine. The bottom line appears to be: if you shoot it with something angry enough, it'll explode or fall over. Classy.

Among the things that explode or fall over in this game are pipelines, helicopters, cafes and hotels. Soldiers won't have it all their own way, however, as the environment fights back at intervals in the form of a pesky recurring earthquake.

We weren't blown away (badumtish) by the destruction we encountered in our Battlefield 3 single player build a couple of months back, though the build in question was patently out of date long before we got our hands on it.


Destruction in the recent multiplayer beta isn't quite up to the insanity of the trailers, either, though again, we're dealing with an incomplete version of the game.

It's out this month - 28th October, to be exact. Any penultimate reflections before the beast arrives?

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