10 ways to fail spectacularly with a Retro Lancer

Gears of War 3's trickiest new weapon, dissected

Gears of War 3's Retro Lancer is an acquired taste, but not the baffling foe of k/d ratios some players think it is. To master the weapon, you must master its limitations. Here are 10 things we're no longer doing with ours. Mostly.

Go full auto at long range
It's got a massive steel blade dangling off the barrel, and the rifling groove seems to have been designed using a sandstone chisel. You're not going to hit anything smaller than a Brumak at distance, and a Brumak will take one look at your pathetic pointy popgun and laugh. Or more likely, spew rockets.

They're not that much more accurate on a swivel.

Go full auto in ironsights
No, gluing your chin to the stock won't magically do away with the recoil. It'll just fill your face with muzzleflash.

Go full auto at anything beyond point blank
Look, just leave that trigger alone for two seconds. The beast bites hard up close, so either save your bullets for then or keep to burst fire.

Go for a headshot
Assuming you were on target with that first bullet, you've sent the next four through empty air.

Fire on somebody in cover
You're not going to perforate a solitary square inch of exposed shoulder using a gun that jiggles like a ticklish ostrich.

Start a bayonet charge in full view of an enemy
That look on his face isn't terror, it's incredulity. Throw a smoke grenade first, at the very least - though this is such a common tactic he'll probably just retreat a few steps and ready a shotgun.

Start a bayonet charge without back-up
Think about it. You're running full tilt at the enemy's spawning grounds. Even if you actually hit the player you're charging, all the blood and screaming will be sure to bring his/her chums down on your head in force. Pro tip: get a couple of Lancer wielders to lay down covering fire.

Go for an impalement without a run-up
Those Locust aren't made out of papier mache. If you want to make a human kebab, you'll need to get some momentum behind you. Watch the power bar - try to hit something the second it turns red. Don't leave it too long or you'll lose the energy.

Retreat after failing to impale somebody
So you charged somebody in haste and bounced off with a displeasing pink squelch. Don't just leg it with your tail between your legs - he might still be upright, but his health will be in tatters. Finish him off with some uncoordinated blasting.

Try to turn a corner during a bayonet charge
Nice driving, Schumacher. If you must veer one way or the other during your rush of spiky doom, aim to the right - it's harder to kill something to your left, as your character's body blocks the view.

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