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Future Battlefield campaigns may let you play as the enemy

Battlefield 3 boss talks showing a real-life war from the other side

DICE top man Karl Magnus Troedsson wants to tell a more authentic, considered story with Battlefield 3 than Bad Company did, rooted in the realities of modern conflict.

But just how faithful should a war simulation be? And in particular, how does Troedsson feel about telling a story during a recent war, from the perspectives of those George Bush would call "the bad guys"?

Magnus Troedsson's answer: "We have considered that. Battlefield has always had a legacy of playing both sides in multiplayer, and while we don't want to make a political statement, there is something interesting about the idea of playing the other side during a typically depicted conflict, like World War II or something more contemporary."

We've seen plenty of marines in Battlefield 3 screenshots, but rarely the people they're fighting.

But while he's open to the idea in theory, in practice it's more complicated. "This is one of the areas where I'm not really sure the audience would be ready for it. There are a lot of cultural differences some people might not be ready for."

Creative curiosity gives way to social sensitivity, then. But that doesn't mean the idea's off the cards. "We'll see what we do in future."

On a possibly related note, DICE told OXM a while back that Battlefield 3 would not "innovate for the sake of innovation", clarifying and building on previous games rather than rewriting the rulebook.

Would you feel comfortable playing as the enemy troops in an ongoing war?

Battlefield 3 hits Xbox 360 in Europe on 28th October.