Skyrim Achievements: Capture regions, get married and be Elder Scrolls' Most Wanted

Bethesda's Gamerpoint haul contains a few interesting revelations

This just in: housebreaking earns you more Gamerpoints than getting married in the world of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. So does being a Master Criminal. You're a disgrace to society, Bethesda. Don't come crying to us when your kids skip school in order to kick random wolves to death.

Completionist's friend X360a has published the full list of Skyrim Achievements, which carry the usual mild speckling of gameplay and plot spoilers. One of the more fascinating reveals is that you can capture towns and regions, possibly off the back of certain story missions.

Elder Scrolls meets Civilization? That certainly qualifies as another feature we're terrifyingly excited about. Imagine stomping through mountain forests at the head of an army, rogues in front and wizards bringing up the rear. Dragons wouldn't be quite so much bother.

Inter-species marriage. We know you're considering it.

Hardcore Elder Scrolls fans recently hacked open Skyrim's racial ability and perk list. Check out Log's list feature nine things you should do first, which is surprisingly short on typical Log behaviours. He doesn't suggest you should ride somebody like a pony, for instance.

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Unbound 10
Complete "Unbound"

Bleak Falls Barrow 10
Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"

The Way of the Voice 20
Complete "The Way of the Voice"

Diplomatic Immunity 20
Complete "Diplomatic Immunity"

Alduin's Wall 20
Complete "Alduin's Wall"

Elder Knowledge 20
Complete "Elder Knowledge"

The Fallen 20
Complete "The Fallen"

Dragonslayer 50
Complete "Dragonslayer"

Take Up Arms 10
Join the Companions

Blood Oath 10
Become a member of the Circle

Glory of the Dead 30
Complete "Glory of the Dead"

Gatekeeper 10
Join the College of Winterhold

Revealing the Unseen 10
Complete "Revealing the Unseen"

The Eye of Magnus 30
Complete "The Eye of Magnus"

Taking Care of Business 10
Join the Thieves Guild

Darkness Returns 10
Complete "Darkness Returns"

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One with the Shadows 30
Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory

With Friends Like These... 10
Join the Dark Brotherhood

Bound Until Death 10
Complete "Bound Until Death"

Hail Sithis! 30
Complete "Hail Sithis!"

Taking Sides 10
Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

War Hero 10
Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

Hero of Skyrim 30
Capture Solitude or Windhelm

Sideways 20
Complete 10 side quests

Hero of the People 30
Complete 50 Misc Objectives

Hard Worker 10
Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

Thief 30
Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

Snake Tongue 10
Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

Blessed 10
Select a Standing Stone blessing

Standing Stones 30
Find 13 Standing Stones

Citizen 10
Buy a house

Wanted 10
Escape from jail

Married 10
Get married

Artificer 10
Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

Master Criminal 20
Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds

Golden Touch 30
Have 100,000 gold

Delver 40
Clear 50 dungeons

Skill Master 40
Get a skill to 100

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Explorer 40
Discover 100 Locations

Reader 20
Read 50 Skill Books

Daedric Influence 10
Acquire a Daedric Artifact

Oblivion Walker 30
Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

Dragon Soul 10
Absorb a dragon soul

Dragon Hunter 20
Absorb 20 dragon souls

Words of Power 10
Learn all three words of a shout

Thu'um Master 40
Learn 20 shouts

Apprentice 5
Reach Level 5

Adept 10
Reach Level 10

Expert 25
Reach Level 25

Master 50
Reach Level 50

[Source: X360a]