I Am Alive is Xbox Live Arcade title - new gameplay trailer and screenshots

Ubisoft confirms winter 2011 release for long-lost action game

Ubisoft has rebirthed vapourware title I Am Alive as an Xbox Live Arcade game, due out this winter. Here's a new trailer featuring in-game footage.

In brief, the game appears to be Prince of Persia with a splash of Silent Hill, a world-weary post-apocalyptic adventure featuring climbing, machete fights, bows and arrows and a protagonist who looks like he was born at the age of 45.

Armed with scavenged weapons, you explore huge broken cities and fight other survivors. There appears to be something in the way of a protection mechanic - the trailer introduces your character as a father, among other things, and there are shots of a lost little girl. Make the connection.


The Electronic Software Ratings Board leaked further gameplay details earlier this week. I Am Alive was rumoured to be canned, but Ubisoft announced a complete reboot in early 2010.

What do you think? Looks grim, but in a good way. Here are 13 screenshots captured from the trailer.

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