Six reasons Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming to Xbox 360

Why a Square Enix multiplatform announcement is all but inevitable

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming to Xbox 360. Believe it. PlayStation's grasp on the glittering jewel of Japanese role-playing franchises has been gradually eroded over the past half-decade, with first Final Fantasy XIII then its sequel quietly exiting Sony's party. Versus XIII is supposedly the last bastion, the final defensive ring, but word on the ground says otherwise.

Whether in the form of a delayed port or a simultaneous release, you can expect this game on your Dashboard. Here's why:

1. The Versus team is hiring people with Xbox 360 credits
You can't argue with job listings, not when they quite clearly ask for experience on "an Xbox 360 package title". Thanks, Kotaku.


2. They'll sell more copies that way
Add two lots of 40-odd million players together, and you'll get more than 40-odd million players. Can't argue with maths either.

3. They'd sell more DLC that way
Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be the first Final Fantasy to get downloadable post-release content, including new enemies, weapons and costumes. There's no way that genie's going back in the bottle. Versus XIII will have DLC, then, and Xbox Live is the biggest digital platform on console. Join the dots.

4. Xbox 360 players are steeped in the Final Fantasy XIII universe
Close to two million Xbox 360 owners are now intimately acquainted with the worlds of Pulse and Cocoon, and there's another helping of shiny-coated fantasy brouhaha on the way to their living rooms. If Square Enix is serious about turning the thirteenth Final Fantasy into a decent sub-franchise, fencing off the next home format release makes no sense whatsoever. Versus XIII is, to be fair, a unique story, but it's set in the same universe. Expect more Crystals.

5. Crystal Tools is a multiplatform engine
Why go to all the trouble of making your fancy company-wide 3D technology compatible with several consoles if you're not going to develop multiplatform games?

6. Sony won't pay up to keep it exclusive
All's quiet on the next generation front, but you can bet your bottom [insert currency of preference here] that manufacturers are engaged in a hidden war over third party affections. What cash Sony has left after the expense of PS3's early period is probably set aside for the next-gen exclusivity throwdown. We doubt they're all that bothered about current gen's latecomers, proven mega-sellers like Call of Duty and Battlefield excepted.

Complete bull, utter truth or somewhere in between? Let us know.