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Insomniac having to "think hard" to make Overstrike the same on Xbox 360 and PS3

Ted Price promises "fantastic results" whichever platform you choose

Insomniac Games "should always be platform-agnostic" when it comes to designing videogames, studio boss Ted Price has commented in an exclusive OXM interview, but developing co-op shooter Overstrike for both Xbox 360 and PS3 has posed a few technical difficulties. Price is confident, however, that you'll see "fantastic results" whichever version you plump for.

Overstrike was announced at E3 this year, and is Insomniac's first current generation multiplatform title. A four-player shooter, it draws on the studio's extensive experience with make-believe weaponry. Expect electro-crossbows and shields that suck up bullets for your own use, along with the trademark Insomniac humour and a fleshed-out backstory.


"For many years we've had a great relationship with Sony and we started out making games for the PlayStation," Price reflected. "Of course, we eventually moved on to PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, but a couple of years ago we realised that we had a great opportunity to reach a larger audience on the Xbox, and we began plans to create a multi-platform franchise.

"We believe the audiences are pretty similar," he added. "Hardcore gamers are hardcore gamers. The folks playing third-person action games on Xbox 360 have similar tastes to those that are playing third-person action games on PlayStation.

"From a design perspective we should always be platform-agnostic; however, from a technical perspective there are certain things we have had to think hard about to make sure what we deliver is going to be an equal experience on both platforms.

"It takes a slightly different approach in terms of how we're developing our game technically, but our tech group has been on this problem for quite a while, and we are seeing some fantastic results that demonstrate parity between the two platforms."

For more from Price, including what sets Overstrike apart from the likes of Gears, pick up a copy of OXM 78, on sale 30th September.

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