FIFA 12 Xbox Live release coming tomorrow... providing you're an EA Season Pass holder

Extra-loyal fans get early access to the new FIFA

FIFA 12 hits shelves next Friday, but EA's got a little surprise on the way for EA Season Pass holders. As of tomorrow, Saturday 24th September, at 6pm GMT, you'll be able to download the new FIFA from Xbox Live. North American customers get the file tonight at 6pm ET. Crazy.

Season Pass holders will also get early access to the EA Sports Football Club Challenge, a chance to rewrite Chelsea's historic defeat at the hands of Manchester United. Add that to a raft of perks, including free access to FIFA 12's Creation Mode and a 20 per cent discount on all FIFA 12 and certain other EA Sports DLC,


All of that's yours for 2100 Microsoft Points. EA's set up a little pictorial walkthrough, just in case you'd forgotten how to buy stuff on Xbox Live. Who's tempted?

You can always download the demo instead. Here are six things to do with it.