Gears of War 3 DLC will be "unique and cool", won't feature Marcus, Dom or Cole

Epic good for more than day one downloadable weapon skins

Gears of War 3's campaign DLC packs will not feature the mighty Marcus Fenix, loyal chum Dominic Santiago or the totally-not-a-stereotype Cole Train, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has confirmed. They will, instead, be "unique and cool".

Epic's drawing a line under the adventures of Delta Squad with Gears 3 - Bleszinski told us only yesterday that "you're not going to see a Gears 4 where Marcus is back, the Locust are back and the Queen is back, because if I were to come out at a press event and do that, everybody's eyes would roll into the back of their heads."


"We have some DLC that's coming up," he commented to the Telegraph. "We've confirmed we'll be doing campaign DLC. One thing I can tell you is that you're not going to see Marcus or Dom or Cole in it. I believe that DLC should be unique and cool, like Lost and the Damned, Gay Tony, Mad Moxie's Underdome Riot. All those kind of things. DLC's the place where you play and have fun. So that's one thing that's an indication of where things may be going in the future."

Assuming you've gone without sleep in order to finish off Epic's latest, what do you think Bleszinski and co should do DLC-wise? Gears of War 2 had six DLC packs, including cancelled stealthy story episode Dark Corners. The latter wasn't much shop, really.

The first Gears 3 DLC pack lands in November. You'll get a 33 per cent saving on the first four packs when you buy an Epic Season Pass, priced at 2400 MP.

Epic has also released a bunch of weapon skins, the priciest of which is 1200 MP. You can buy the lot for 3600 MP, assuming you've got so much gold in your pockets you employ people to hold your trousers up.