Poll: David Braben thinks game length isn't the point - do you agree?

Is Skyrim too short, or Limbo too long?

With RRPs on the rise, salaries on the fall and DLC packs now an industry bastion, the topic of game length is an increasingly fiery one.

Some have found that they lack the time for hundred-hour RPGs, and come to see the point of games they can see out in a weekend, while others lambast developers for turning in sub-10 hour campaigns. What's your take on the matter? Time for another helping of tickboxes.

To get the box-ticking going, here's an interesting quote from Frontier Development boss David Braben. He reckons game length is irrelevant, providing you're delivering a high quality experience, and that too many players equate padding with substance.


Of Wii platformer LostWinds (a budget-priced release which clocks in at around five hours) Braben noted: "We could really easily add an equivalent of Hyrule Field in the middle, and that would double the gameplay time, but it wouldn't really double it - it'd double the waiting between the good bits."

Lines are now open.