Batman: Arkham City Catwoman DLC spotted in official strategy guide

12 side-missions also promised

Catwoman's playable presence in Batman: Arkham City is limited to a mere 10 per cent of the campaign - two and a half hours out of a reported 25.

Sad news for fans of feline butt-kicking, that, but don't despair - there's more Catwoman on the way post-release. An official Gamestop strategy guide mentions four DLC episodes for the feisty minx.

Celebrate, if you will, by making up as many different two-word epithets for Catwoman as you can. Imaginary bonus points will be given for straying perilously close to sexism without actually tipping over the edge.


The guide also details 12 side-missions in which "a number of major characters" will be revealed.

Rocksteady has said it doesn't want to "water down" Arkham Asylum's gameplay in Arkham City, hence the decision to keep the focus on the Dark Knight. Catwoman will still get her own unique moves and gadgets, though. Jonty had a crack at the whip at E3.

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