Shadows of the Damned dev's latest is Kinect exclusive

A uniquely monstrous take on motion-sensitive baseball

Sometimes you just have to lie back and let the unhinged majesty of Grasshopper Manufacture roll over you. The developer's latest title, previously titled Codename D, is a Kinect exclusive.

Kinect, as we all know, is a platform dominated by sports and fitness sims rather than meaty monster-popping action. Grasshopper's solution to this distressing state of affairs? Make a sports game that's *also* about popping monsters. Say hello to Diabolical Pitch.

Joystiq caught a video of the game at TGS earlier today. Here's the gist: monsters appear, and you throw or bat baseballs at them till they disappear. When the odds stiffen, you might want to call on a two-player "fusion" move that recalls Dragon Ball Z.


Our minds are showing dangerous signs of exploding already. Grasshopper is also the studio behind recent phallic action hit Shadows of the Damned and the forthcoming, cheerleader-tastic Lollipop Chainsaw.

UPDATE: Here's a video from the Tokyo Game Show.

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