DICE: we "definitely haven't killed Mirror's Edge"

Battlefield 3 movement "clearly inspired" by cult parkour classic

DICE won't say much about the prospect of Mirror's Edge sequels, particularly not with Battlefield 3 steaming towards the finish line, but the studio's affection for its Marmite first-person parkour adventure is clear. Visiting DICE's Stockholm offices to discuss the serious business of shooting men with guns, Matt couldn't help noticing all the Faith art plastered across the furniture.

"What bodes this?" he breathlessly asked, in exactly those words. "Nothing's impossible," Battlefield producer Patrick Bach breathlessly answered.

This is what OXM's office looks like in Ed's mind.

"The only thing we can talk about and be open about is that we have not killed the franchise, and you can see that within these walls," Bach went on, having replenished his oxygen supplies. "We're still talking about it, and there's no closure on it.

"The only thing that we have decided is that whatever we're doing in this office right now, when it comes to that we're not talking about it. The only thing I can say officially is that we definitely haven't killed the franchise. As you noticed, we still love it - we just need to find out how..."

A lesser interviewer might have been deterred by such studied reticence and floating punctuation marks, but Matt chose this moment to Take It Up A Level. "Ah," he said, in the braying baritone he possesses when he's speaking to me inside my head. "But is there anything we can deduce from the design of your current project?"

Completely blind-sided - nay, foxed - by the dashing young gentleman's cunning, Bach had no choice but to drop further hints. "As you've seen, the movement system in the game is clearly inspired a lot by Mirror's Edge, and some of the team who worked on that are now working on Battlefield 3. People here are still in love with Faith - I wouldn't dare to say anything about the future, but it's not impossible. Far from it."

So there you have it. Battlefield 3 is Mirror's Edge 2, and Faith is probably going to appear as a downloadable character. No, that isn't what he actually said, because what he actually said boils down to a big fat "Maybe" and there's no way I'm founding a whole news story on that.

Ed, otherwise known as me, would take a new Mirror's Edge over a new Battlefield. It's been suggested that the sequel will run on the Frostbite 2 engine.